Date 08 Jun 2018, 12:00 - 22:00

One of this year's themes of the festival is Robotics. Three days long you can find many experiences and acts related to this subject in Area 2. Below you can find an overview of them. If you want more information about the particular experience, please go to EVENTS and you will find more.

Ava: Your Personal Familiy Doctor

This is Ava, your personal family doctor. She is available 24/7 for full diagnosis. Ava will replace the family doctor and will be an addition to health care. By carrying out a daily health check up with Ava, the chance on a misdiagnosis will be minimal and disease can be prevented.

Can You Override the Fault Detection

At the festival you can experience a simulation where you as a driver can try to disrupt the system around you, while the autonomous cars will try to avoid you. On certain times, there will be lab visits to see the cars do this in real life.

Festo Airmotion Ride

The earliest flight simulators consisted of a pilot’s seat attached to a movable platform; its motion resembled that of an aircraft when the joystick is activated. Today, full-motion simulators, generally moved by hydraulic plungers, are thus designed as hexapods. The full-motion Airmotion Ride Simulator comprises a platform to which a car driver’s seat is mounted.This platform, which follows the hexapod structure’s movements, is suspended from three steel supports by six pneumatic muscles from Festo. Come and experience it yourself!

Haptic Shared Control for Driver Assistance

With haptic shared control, drivers can feel (and interact with) the automation’s control activity through forces on the steering wheel or gas pedal, similar to the intuitive physical interaction between horse and rider through the reins. The Delft Haptics Lab tries to recreate this physical interaction through forces on the steering wheel, and in the demo present at the festival you can experience yourself how this interaction takes place while you drive through a simulated environment.


A blanket of duckweed covers the water, which makes sunlight unable to reach everything that lives beneath the water surface. Thereby, duckweed has an unpleasant smell. The Kroboot is able to solve this problem and is the result from a project between students of TU Delft, Hoogheemraadschap Delfland, and TOP Delft.

Lunar Zebro

The mission statement by this TU Delft students teamm who worked on the Lunar Zebro is: to design, develop and demonstrate a lunar rover than can communicate with Earth directly and collect data on moonquakes and lunar’s surface soil.

Machina Ludens

Experience the Machina Ludens! A gigantic robot, with computer-controlled motors and sensor technique, comes to life and knows where to find you. He (or she!) reacts and responds to the physical presence of you. Machine Ludens ironizes his own grotesque appearance by childish behavior and thus gives a humorous explanation of where technology is now.

NSynth Super

NSynth gives artists the ability to explore new sounds that would be difficult or impossible to produce with a hand-tuned synthesizer. The NSynth displayed at the festival is built by two TU students who are passionate about music and technology.

Robotic Finger Massage

We know that festivals can be exhausting after all the dancing. Therefore we provide you with the Robotic Finger Massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage based on the concept of the 'uncanny valley'. An object can become so familiar and human, that it can frighten you. But the makers of this massaging robot will transform the idea of uncanny valley into a interesting and relaxing experience.

VR Experience: Stratos III Rocket

DARE has built an eight meter tall rocket with the largest hybrid rocket engine ever developed by students in order to break this record. During the festival, you can make use of the newest VR technology by HP, which will show you around the Stratos III. The experience is made interactive by Xebia, so you can disconnect different parts and take a closer look at the rocket.


These three TU Delft graduates began a VR start-up, focusing on visualizing urban environments and (water) infrastructure. During the festival these guys will be located in the greenhouse in Area 2, demonstrating their product and of course letting you experience it!

Walking in Virtual Reality

Yan Feng, researcher at TU Delft, explores walking behavior. If you would like to help her and this research, experience Virtual Reality yourself, and walk through all kinds of environments.


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