NSynth Super

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Date 08 Jun 2018, 00:00 - 00:00

Intelligent Algorithm Creating New Sounds From Existing Ones

NSynth Super is a physical interface for the NSynth (Neural Synthesizer) algorithm which is part of an ongoing experiment by Magenta. Magenta is a research project by Google that explores how machine learning can help artists create art and music in new ways. The NSynth algorithm inspires musicians by using a deep neural network to learn the characteristics of sounds, and then create a completely new sound based on these characteristics. Rather than combining or blending the sounds, NSynth synthesizes an entirely new sound using the acoustic qualities of the original sounds. A result you could get is a sound that’s part flute and part snare all at once, a ‘flure’ if you will. NSynth gives artists the ability to explore new sounds that would be difficult or impossible to produce with a hand-tuned synthesizer. The NSynth displayed at the International Festival of Technology is built by two TU students who are passionate about music and technology.


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