Lunar Zebro

Date 07 Jun 2018, 12:00 - 22:00

TU Delft has time and time again shown that its students can achieve the most extreme engineering feat on the world stage. One of the great achievements in recent times of TU Delft was to launch the first Dutch university nano satellite in 2009. Keeping up with the tradition, this new team aims to become also the first student team in the world to operate a rover on the moon: Lunar Zebro. Lunar Zebro is the world’s smallest, lightest and cheapest moon rover to ever fly. The team hopes to make the first European lunar rover, which is designed and built by students of TU Delft with the help of Indian Institute of Science. The rover is the size of a small shoe box and weighs 1.5 kg at maximum. One of the most striking feature of the rover is the C-shaped leg, which enables it to overcome obstacles of its own height; performing much better than traditional wheels on rough terrain. This type of locomotion will make this lunar mission one of its kind and open up new possibilities in terrain explorations. On board payload will provide the team with the most accurate data on moonquakes and meteorites impact which will help future mission and payload designs and operations. Lunar Zebro will serve as a stepping stone to test and validate swarming for planetary exploration and inter-planetary robotics.


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