Haptic Shared Control for Driver Assistance

Date 06 Jun 2018, 12:00 - 22:00

Communication and Interaction Between Drivers and Intelligent Vehicles via Forces

The question is not if automated vehicles will be introduced on our roads, but when and how. A major bottleneck is communication and interaction between the driver and highly-automated vehicle, especially when drivers need to regain control quickly and unexpectedly. Conventional human-automation interaction (beeps, switches) is inadequate, but academia and industry are struggling to invent better alternatives. A promising approach is haptic shared control, where drivers can feel (and interact with) the automation’s control activity through forces on the steering wheel or gas pedal, similar to the intuitive physical interaction between horse and rider through the reins. The Delft Haptics Lab tries to recreate this physical interaction through forces on the steering wheel, and in the demo present at the festival you can experience yourself how this interaction takes place while you drive through a simulated environment. Try it out on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday!


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