Groover: Flow

Date 07 Jun 2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Flow combines the freedom and feel of Jazz with grooves and sounds from electronic genres. Their compositions have two faces: an organic side, with sounds tending towards the acoustic; and an electronic side, incorporating synthesizers and an overall harder sound. In their music, Flow makes these faces work together to create their unique and energetic atmosphere. In 2015, they have captured this atmosphere on their debut album Synergy and in 2016 on their EP one.five. They’re currently working on new compositions for their second album and they would very much like to give you an early listen during the festival! Groover is the Student Jazz Club in Delft, a place where students next to their studies can enjoy jazz, soul, and funk in many ways. Also, Groover hosts big events with live music like Just Jazz, a yearly event where student bands from Groover share the stage with big names like Gallowstreet and New Cool Collective.


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