Food Street

Date 08 Jun 2018, 16:00 - 23:59

PROVE IT, PROEF 'T, is this year's theme of the festival. It translates from Dutch to English as prove it, taste it. So why not taste some interesting food at the International Festival of Technology? What is food of the future? Is meat in 20 years still normal to consume, or do we really switch to beans and insects for our daily need of proteins? Come and taste it at the Food Street in which you can find Food Trucks with different views on food. In a positive way we want to give visitors a chance to think about their choices concerning food. Think about hamburgers, traditionally made of meat, or burgers made of seaweed or crickets. But also think about slow dining or fast food take-out. Whatever you chose, the food and drinks will be delicious, so come and taste it!


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