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Discover the Secrets of the TU Delft Campus

The TU Delft consists of over 40 buildings, which each house unique projects and research. Have you always wondered what happens behind these doors? Than this is your chance! The Evening Tour gives you the unique opportunity to visit places that are normally not open for visitors. And there is more. During this tour the locations will be combined with interesting art projects that are connected to the festival's themes Quantum, Circular Economy and Robotics. Overall it will be a unique experience that is especially organized for this year's festival. The Evening Tour will take place on two days: Wednesday 6 June (starting times: 6.30 pm, 6.50 pm, 7.10 pm, 7.30 pm) and Thursday 7 June (starting times: 6.30 pm, 6.50 pm, 7.10 pm, 7.30 pm). A tour takes about 2.5 hours in which you will visit 5 locations on foot. Before and/or afterwards there will be time to visit the International Festival of Technology. Participation in the tour costs 5 euros and advance booking is required. There are several time slots for which you can make a reservation. Each tour will be guided and there will be plenty of time to ask any questions you might have. Click on the GET TICKETS button above to get your tickets!


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