A Top Chef's Diner

Date 08 Jun 2018, 12:00 - 22:00

By Yuri Verbeek and Ebe van der Lecq

Catering firms De Kokkerie, owned by Yuri Verbeek, and Rode Rozen & Tortillia’s, owned by Ebe van der Lecq, have joined together and will cook finger licking meals against fair prices and with the most interesting use of technology and nature: heating meatballs in wasmachines and using room plants in noodle soup. Thus, not only delicious, but also very interesting. This is your chance to taste food cooked by a top chef! From Wednesday 6 June until Friday 8 June you can come over to the festival field to taste. So grab a lunch, snack or dinner, before you stop by at any of the other acts and events during the festival!


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