Cyber Security Cafe

Date 07 Jun 2018, 11:35 - 13:00

Fake News: Believe Me! Don't Believe It!

Fake news is a form of poor “journalism” or deliberate propaganda that makes use of misinformation, hoaxes and false information to mislead and influence an audience. Fake news became a relevant issue with the exponential growth of the Internet and particularly of online platforms and social network websites like Facebook and Twitter, but is periodically circulated also among mainstream media. Fake news is often created with the intent of damaging agencies, corporations, governments and even people or in order to gain financial or political support using sensationalist, manipulated or on-purpose-fabricated headlines to increase readership, online sharing, and Internet click revenue. Sad to say, no one is really immune to this spreading phenomenon, but a growing number of researchers and entrepreneurs in different fields are trying to understand, react and limit it. During the event organized by The Centre of Expertise Cyber Security of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, media psychologist Mischa Coster will take us into the world of subconscious behaviors that the creators of fake news are able to exploit. He will explore the most common techniques used to create effective fake news, and he will explain how and why we are tricked into this process showing a number of options that can help us to prevent that from happening. Before 11.35 am it is time to introduce all the speakers and for you to get a cup of coffee or tea. After the lecture and discussion a lunch will be provided.


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