Circular Economy

Date 08 Jun 2018, 12:00 - 20:00

One of this year's themes of the festival is Circular Economy. Three days long you can find many experiences and acts related to this subject in Area 1. Below you can find an overview of them. If you want more information about the particular experience, please go to EVENTS and you will find more.

Bio-Inspired and Bio-Based Materials

Since prehistoric times humans have liked natural materials, wool, stone, wood. They have kept us warm and alive for as long as we know. Today our adventure with natural materials goes beyond what we can collect. Fungi can grow our furniture, or our plates can be made by algae. We are inspired by natural materials to design new ones! During the festival different bio-inspired and bio-based materials will be displayed.

Circular Breakfast

Did you enjoy your breakfast this morning? Hopefully you did, with some coffee or orange juice. Maybe some yogurt, an egg or some bread. But did you ever thought about what the possibilities are with your leftovers of your breakfast meal? At Circular Breakfast examples of how to use your products and leftovers in a more sustainable way are demonstrated by the students of the Hague University.

E-Waste Arcade

The 'Funky Phone' E-waste arcade is an old-school arcade machine that rewards you for recycling your old mobile phone. Instead of a coin, insert your old phone and play some great games! You'll have the peace of mind that you've made an important contribution to the environment.

Gerrard Street

Repairing and fixing any device becomes easier when it becomes modular. This is exactly what the headphones by Gerrard Street are: modular. Listen to sounds and discover the modular service of Gerrard Street at the festival yourself.

Iron Roots

Nature made humans possible to play sports, why not use natural materials as well? That question led Iron Roots down the road of the black boxed, polluting world of clothing, where there's a lack of sustainability and transparency. Iron Roots want to change that! By combining sustainable fabrics like hemp and bamboo, with a transparent supply chain, they want to create low impact, but high performance, apparel.

Perpetual Plastic

With the Perpetual Plastic Project you can recycle your plastic anywhere! You can put your plastic cup in the installation, turn the wheels by hand, and see your own plastic cup be turned into new 'ink'. This ink will be used for your own plastic festival souvenir made by a 3D-printer.

Plastic Reflectic

Plastic Reflectic is an interactive kinetic installation that lets the spectator reflect on the concept of our growing plastic problem in our oceans. The installation reflects its audience in plastic pixels made from ocean plastics from around the world.

Print Your Festival

In the project Print Your City!, urban dwellers transform their plastic waste into raw material for public space, creating a circular stream within the city. This is achieved by recycling household plastic waste with robotic-3d-printing and producing components that upgrade the built environment through citizen involvement and the principles of circular economy. For the International Festival of Technology, the project is turned into Print Your Festival!

Separate Your Plastics

Households already sort plastic waste separate from their other household waste. However, for industry to reuse this material the recycling process needs to be enhanced. Peter Rem, full professor at TU Delft leading the Recycling and Resources Chair of the Section Materials and Environment, is known for his research in waste separation. At the festival you can discover yourself how various recycling processes for the recycling for plastic work by experiencing three waste separation installations.

So You Think You Can Proef?!

In collaboration with the company Insectfarm, students of the Education program Food Commerce & Technology at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, have conducted research on how to utilize the protein potential in insects. This with the goal to contribute to the challenge of ‘How to feed the World?’. At the festival, the students will present you some interesting protein replacement..


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