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Guided by Paul Kurstjens and Marion Vredeling

TU Delft campus has significant buildings internationally acclaimed by architects and has much artwork by well-known artists. During the Campus Walk we want to make you enthusiastic for this inheritance and the stories that are connected to it, based on the brand new guide 'Campus-lopen' by Paul Kurstjens, who will be your guide during the Campus Walk. He designed routes on various university campuses in the Netherlands –from Groningen to Tilburg , and from Wageningen to Delft- focusing on the historical-spatial growth of the universities. Your second guide will be Marion Vredeling, the university's resident art enthusiast, and knows much about all the art on campus. So join the Campus Walk and get to everything about history and art of the TU Delft campus! The Campus Walk will take place on Wednesday 6 June. The tour takes about 3 hours and starts at 12 pm at Oostpoort 1, Delft. Afterwards there will be time to visit the International Festival of Technology and you will get the chance to buy the 'Campus-lopen' guide for a reduced price of 10 euros (normally 14,95 euros). Participation in the tour costs 5 euros per person (max. 20 persons) and advance booking is required. Important note: the tour will be in Dutch only.


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