Bio-Inspired and Bio-Based Materials

Date 06 Jun 2018, 12:00 - 22:00

New materials Inspired by Nature

Since prehistoric times humans have liked natural materials, wool, stone, wood. They have kept us warm and alive for as long as we know. Today our adventure with natural materials goes beyond what we can collect. Fungi can grow our furniture, or our plates can be made by algae. We are inspired by natural materials to design new ones! During the festival different bio-inspired and bio-based materials will be displayed. Dr. Elvin Karana, who works at Industrial Design Engineering, will display her work which is all about materials based on living organisms. She works on understanding human-material interaction and the ways we can tailor material qualities to improve both function and experience in collaborative materials development. The materials she uses are for example fungi and algae, or sometimes biopolymers derived from waste like chopped up jeans or made by micro-organisms. Ir. Marion Vredeling made the Bioinspired Exhibition at the Library recently, which will be moving to the Botanical Garden. The exhibition shows multiple examples of how technology is inspired by nature and some of the exhibits will be on display. Finally, we have the TU Delft startup company Slimy Green Stuff BV, of professors Stephen Picken and Mark van Loosdrecht at Applied Sciences. They are making use of materials from waste to get state-of-the-art performance and achieve low price. Waste in this context is basically sewage. What you finally get are materials that are able to outperform many man-made polymers and composites. This is done by understanding the properties of materials and their structure, the structure is inspired by nature. The Bio-Based and Bio-Inspired works will be displayed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


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