Boost your senses!
Delft/7-9 June 2017


We love to hear your feedback!
Jun 23, 2017, 3:27 PM
Thank you for attending The International Festival of Technology - Boost your senses! We look back at an amazing festival with almost 19.000 visitors. Of course we loved it, but it is way more important for us to hear what you think.
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Where do I get tickets?

You don't need tickets to visit IFoT, entrance is free! For some events registration is necessary because of limited capacity. When registration is needed, this will be mentioned at the event page on this website. For a few events you pay a small fee. This is also mentioned at the event page.

For whom is the festival meant

The International Festival of Technology is accessible to everyone. We want to inspire technology, music and art enthusiasts in Delft, the region and worldwide by demonstrate what Delft has to offer and to make technology accessible to everyone. The entrance is for free.

How to get to the Delft campus

Delft is a small town, and distances are all relatively small. The city center is walking distance from the railway station. Both the railway station and the city center are no more than 2.5 km from the campus. Delft has an excellent cycling infrastructure, and the campus can be reached by bike within 5 minutes from the city center.

If you are traveling by train, you need to travel to Delft Central Station. From there you can take several buses to the Delft campus. The trip takes about 3 minutes.

E-shuttle service is now available in Delft from Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm. The cost is €1.50 per trip between Delft city center and the TU campus.

To reserve a ride, call: +31 6 211 42 987. Website

If you want to travel to TU Delft by car, take exit ‘Delft-Zuid’ off the A13 motorway and follow the TU Delft sign.


The event we have come to know as the International Festival of Technology (IFoT) originated back in 2006 as the Summer Festival, which was held on the TU Delft campus. Over the last few years,

the event has been held over several days at multiple locations in Delft, with technology taking on an increasingly prominent role.

How can I get in touch?

Do you have questions regarding the International Festival of Technology? Please contact us via: IFOT@TUDELFT.NL


On the IFoT site you can pay quickly with your debit card. Contactless payment by debit card or mobile phone is possible. You can not pay with cash.

About the International Festival of Technology

The International Festival of Technology is a cooperation between the TU Delft, Gemeente Delft, Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool Inholland, Ondernemersfonds Delft, Fonds1818 and Discovery Channel. This year is the third edition of the festival.The theme of this year is 'Boost your senses!' With questions like: How big is the influence of big data, bio technology and the dark side on your life? How far are we with the development of the superhuman? And can we develop new senses with technology?

The core area of the festival

The festival will take place both on campus and at locations across the city, The core area of the International Festival of Technology is the campus, the aula of TU Delft, Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC, Delft.

The International Festival of Technology will take place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June 2017.


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